At Tull Brothers we pride ourselves on “Owning the Opening”, one of the key ingredients to our motto is Access Control. What is access control? Access control is everywhere, you probably have a key in your pocket which is a form of mechanical access control. At Tull Brothers we take it a few steps further. You may want to simply let someone in a door with a door release button, or you may need to control hundreds of openings with thousands of cardholders on a campus setting.  Tull Brothers Access Control Division can provide a high level of coordination with your existing hardware to make a more sleek application versus involving another vendor to come behind and add unsightly electrified hardware. Some of the few areas we specialize in are biometric access control, behavioral health facilities, law enforcement facilities, manufacturing facilities, and government facilities.  Biometric access control is critical in environments that require a positive identification of an individual before allowing entry, such as Hospital drug rooms, or law enforcement evidence rooms. We also have a great deal of experience in behavioral health facilities where safety of the staff and patients is a high priority. Maybe you need a camera above an access control opening to verify who has been gaining access. Our open architecture products can seamlessly integrate with each other, or your existing system to make managing your facility as simple as possible.